Your family is seated around the dining room table for dinner.  You notice that your aunt looks pale.


She starts rubbing her jaw, saying that her tooth hurts, she will go to the dentist next week.  You notice that she is sweating, even though the room is cool. She rises from her chair, then collapses onto the floor.  You try to remember the CPR training that your employer made you take last year ( thank god) as you kneel beside her, tapping her shoulders.  She doesn’t wake up. You tell your cousin to stop screaming and call 911. You tell your brother to go across the street to the public library and ask for their automated external defibrillator (AED.)  You don’t think your aunt is breathing, so you start pushing down in the middle of her chest. Luckily your brother is a fast runner and makes it back quickly with the AED – one shock and your aunt starts to move and groan…..


You HOPE it would work out that way – right?? You just saved a life. Good thing you were there. Good thing you took that course – now go tell everyone you know to take a CPR class!! Now!! Today!! Contact us at www.citycpr.com or call us at 416-531-7066!!

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